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  • × Growing needs of mankind has diversified widely the carrier options. Nature/ Direction of livelihood can be deciphered based on the strengths of Horoscope for right efforts at right place. Guidance would also be given on suitable time to start a venture. We furnish a tourough Career Analysis report, which deep insight into your choices and subsequently discovering and bringing to your attention bright career opportunities and guides you to avoid any non productive diversions from same. You will be able to plan better for the best timings for these career moves bringing about a happier and fullfilling future.


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  • × We do a professional deep comprehensive analysis of the best possibilities of promising financial opportunities and subsequent business or career opportunities bringing about greater profits remuneration and similar financial flows, help you prevent any obstacles such as debts gone bad, issues with law and labour. To advise of more constructive marketing opportunities.


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  • × Every individual is bound to have some planetary weakness be it a minor or a major and if it relates with the affairs of physical body, then it manifests through physical ailments and diseases. Identifying the cause and devising a remedy accordingly supports health.
    We provide you a detailed analysis of your health and give you a general guideline to attain and maintain the best of health. Prevent sickness , avoid accidents and bring about greater energy, fitness and competancy in work performance.


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  • × Reason of mismatch or aspect affecting the relationship is identified and suitable remedy advised accordingly. We apply astrological techniques to study and analyse strengths and weaknesses in your marital or love relationship. I brings about better harmony and understanding amongst the couple and build foundation for long lasting relationship. We advise you as per astrology on how to prevent any impediments to a successful relations.


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  • × Starting a New Business Venture ? we will guide you astrologically to choose the very best of business opportunities and line of industry that will bring about best of success in your new venture. Vastu is involved in thourough planning, help you avoid any stuckups and issues.


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  • × We do an in depth Astrological analysis and enligten you the reasons you experienced times of stress in your life. Astrology can explain areas of stress and astrological remedies to counter such stress in present life and avoid such occurances in future.


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  • × Horoscope is a chart depicting the position of planets and constellations at particular time and place. Read More: Casting horoscope require accurate date, time & place of birth. If exact time is not known, closest approximate time with important events of life like marriage, first employment/business date, hobbies etc to be shared with us for time correction. Horoscope Reading involves listing of auspicious & challenging times, livelihood, education, health issues, and relations would be covered in general.


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  • × Match making or checking natural compatibility between married couple through natal Horoscope.


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  • × General Astrlogical Consultation across a wide area of subjects/matters concerning your life.

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